Booking flights with a small child

This was to be the first time travelling with a small child long haul. On longer flights you can book a bassinet – basically a shoebox attached to the wall with a blanket. Handy if you want to eat / drink unencumbered, not handy if you have a Dutch length boy (check the lengths).

Now the annoying part. I try to book the flights with KLM and tick the box saying travelling with a small baby etc. You’re then prompted to make the booking and after call to reserve the bassinet. As there is only 1 direct flight per day I wanted to make sure we would get the bassinet before paying for my flights. Summary of my conversation below:

[Phones KLM]

'Well Sir, you need to book the flight first then we can make a request for the bassinet, which takes up to 3 days'

'But what if I book the flight and there's no bassinet available?'

'You have to take a different flight'

'Ok, and will you refund me if the bassinet is not available?'

', you have to take a different flight. What I can do for you Sir is make a temporary booking for 3 days while we request the bassinet'

I go for that option, call 2 days later but cannot get through as there are high winds over Amsterdam (the phone just hangs up when I call). I phone back the next day and they’ve annoyingly cancelled my reservation. I make the reservation again and call back the next day and they confirm so I try and pay, only to be cut off halfway through, so have to call back once again and explain everything.


It took me 5 days to book return flights to Tokyo. So this is what travelling with kids is like… shiiiittt!