New beginnings...

Prior to moving to Amsterdam I'd moved around a fair bit with no particular aim (other than to climb / travel / work). I took down my old blog as it was very climbing centric and having had a life changing accident in Canada I decided to take a step back from pushing my limits on rock. I still love, love, love the sport but think i've consciously and unconsciously decided the risks weren't worth it for me - more so now i've got a family.

So, onto new beginnings. 

I moved to Amsterdam with the financial support of a London based job in my back pocket, to help pay the inflated Dutch rental prices. I've always been interested in photography but decided earlier this year I would try and follow my passion more seriously. So upon returning from a month in Japan in May I left behind the comfort of a salary and embraced the freelancer life! 

There have been so many interesting experiences centred around photography and travel that I wanted to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and record these experiences as it seems something new and exciting is happening each week. 

I hope you enjoy!